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ten pages in two days is about the right pace I think for for finishing in a week or two; I have yet to decide what from the old Stein essay to use but I think I have to frame my introduction to her writing first in order to be able to know whether anything in there will fit. if not I will just make it all up which is what I'm doing anyway, with hardly any footnotes and a skinny bibliography that I will have to flesh out somewhat by finding references for my passing remarks about this or that author. for instance I crammed saussure, lacan and jacobson into one sentence about metaphor and metonymy so now I get to put them in my bibliography but I'm not sure I have actually read jacobson yet so much as read about him, so I'm going to have to find out what his basic or seminal text is/was.

I so very badly want to go shopping now but it is a) hot and I am b) supposed to be saving money. I tried finding something at zappos to engage my attention yesterday but their selection of sizes has totally gone to hell. almost nothing that I liked was in stock in a 7 or 8, both of which are too big for me but I can deal with 8's with heavy socks. I don't know if they are just so outrageously popular now that they can't keep shoes in stock or if they are taking in a lot of overstock which would explain the "zappo's exclusive"'s that only come in size 11 and above.

I'd probably do better at shoe pavilion or someplace like that. I wonder how many stores downtown are air-conditioned..?

yeah I could go to berkeley too but tomorrow early in the morning for that. there's no way I'm walking around with a heavy bookbag in this weather. I suppose I could nap the day away again but two days in a row of that is excessive. perhaps I will do little coding. problem there is I get caught up and don't want to stop and there goes the dissertation. if I have a one-track mind I'd best keep it on the right track, you know?

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