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do you believe in the westwind

blessed relief wafts through the window as a light seabreeze kicks up finally. there are no electrical outlets on this side of the livingroom and I don't feel like rummaging up an extension cord--I think the old one has been chewed up by bunnies--so I am satisfying myself with waft instead of full on blast of cool air.

it's nice. lisagail asked me if it was like atlanta here and I said oh gods no the humidity is low when it is hot and it cools off at night. in atlanta in the summer a 90 degree day will be followed by an 80 degree night and the humidity always hovers around 70% or so and there is no wind unless you get a thunderstorm and of course I was terrified of those.

I guess here the heat only kicks up thunderstorms over the sierra and still not so much even there, right? no humidity to drive them. it's more like desert heat I guess and if I'm going to be the desert aficionado I claim to be I suppose that I had better learn to like this style of hot.

of course when I am a rich and famous poet I will only make my winter home in the desert. summers will be spent as close to the arctic circle as I can get.

or maybe in the southern hemisphere. really it is possible with modern technological advances in transportation never to experience summer at all! goodness me. what am I doing here; I should be in australia.

I remember one particularly hot heatwave in atlanta and my mother telling me well it's hot everywhere and I thought to myself no that can't be right there is no way that this sort of heat can be infinite and omnipresent. I was right of course even if it was 90 in san francisco that day they had a much cooler night here.

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