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mr sandman

it is 6:30.
if I went to bed now I could get up at say 3am. tho I don't know what practical good that would do. I could certainly get down to the parade route before most everyone else. so that I could then fall asleep in the middle of it.
pride day is always so exhausting. there's the matter of the trip downtown which in the shine of the new morning seems like it ought to be walked and savored and then you get down all the way down to the embarcadero and you spend five hours walking up and down market street until you finally end up at the civic center. you've put on several miles at this point and endured at least one porta potty line and the crowds at the food tents are overwhelming but you must eat and so you pick the least absurd looking offering and eat it as fast as you can before beating a retreat away from the mainstage where someone is always saying something slightly ridiculous.

but whatever tomorrow is like, I'm really really sleepy right now. which is why the bed question. usually if I go to bed uber early like this I develop a headache after about 10 horizontal hours but I still will be too sleepy to get up and take an advil.

on the other hand, if I fall asleep in this chair I risk whiplash when I lose consciousness and my head snaps back.

there is a cool seabreeze blowing through my window and the thought of sleepiing to this is almost more than I can bear. thus this may be a 'good night.'


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