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big day

ever have a gay pride day that you just don't feel like making? I'm not sure how much energy I can put into this one but I haven't missed one in something like 23 years so I suppose I will dutifully get out there and take my photos and meet up with one or two friends and then flee when I can't take it anymore.

I'd like to sit here and read and work on my website but there are at least two people I am trying to meet up with of course on the other hand if they call my cellphone and I'm here in my house what can they do. they still get to see the parade; they just don't get to see me.

can't explain why I'm not feeling the love this year although if I went down there it would probably be better but I just don't know. these days I'm so busy that I feel very jealous of my time off and really, given the comparative sizes and numbers of people watching, the tranny march was more important anyway. everyone will be at this parade even if I'm not.

I know I'd be missing great photo ops but that's just the way it goes. perhaps I'll go to the folsom street fair, which I usually miss, this year. it's more interesting in an obscene sort of way anyway.

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