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to calibrate a new laptop battery you charge it for at least 12 hours and then you run on battery power until your machine puts itself to sleep. now I shop at Other World Computing where they sell batteries that last longer than original equipment batteries. so about half an hour ago I got a warning telling me that my battery was low but you are supposed to ignore that and keep going till your laptop sleeps and now I have the screen turned up to full brightness and I am printing documents and viewing flash animations on the web and the damned thing won't go to sleep!

the little battery icon in the menu bar has had a little sliver of red left in it this whole time but still no sign of sleep. I could, of course, give up and try calibrating it tomorrow but you know I like to get geeky things done whenever possible.

so um. I want to go for a walk up to the castro where they sell the burritos I like (the grocery store kind, not the taqueria kind, which as we all know I grew tired of after a scant eight years of eating the same thing every single night) and just to get a little air. I wonder when I will get to leave.

now I am deleting a bunch of things from an external hard drive. still not a blink. it is slowing down my cursor but still isn't draining the battery. I guess it's a good battery.

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