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sneaking up on the bed

so that thing about how I wish I could just curl up and drop dead asleep wherever and whenever I felt like it?

no I didn't figure out a way to do it. but I have noticed that if you spread throughout the evening the things you have to do before going to bed it becomes not nearly the gargantuan task it once was when you are finally tired enough to want to go to bed.

because that is the problem really: by the time you want to go to bed, you are too tired to do the half-million things you have to do before going to bed.

why I've managed to do everything but brush my teeth and set up the coffeemaker.

and pee of course, but you can't do that ahead of time. how many times we have tried, before heading out for a long drive between restrooms, to get rid of the beer or the coffee we drank so quickly just moments ago. it never works. in fact I think the extra attention given to the bladder just makes it begin to tug at you that much earlier into the trip. I always have to pee worse at the beginning of a long movie than at the end, whether or not I get up to go in between.

anyway I must go take care of those last few things now before I fall asleep at my desk. as there is no head support on this chair, whiplash is always a possible hazard.

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