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weekend continuity

I know I said I was going to work today but in the interests of having a real weekend I'm putting my monday off until tomorrow. two days together is better than one day here and there. gives you time to stop feeling guilty.

I did a little shopping yesterday but not a whole lot. is it a problem that I've started buying clothes at old navy? I mean I'm not going for their 'look' as they imagine for themselves on the store mannequins but occasionally I'll find a jacket or a pair of pants that actually fits well. this is a first for old navy and perhaps they are trying to reach a more sophisticated audience who actually care if their clothes fit.

anyway I bought a pair of light khaki button front jeans yesterday and I don't know if I just don't pay attention to the "sale" signs or what but every time I buy something there it turns out to be much less than what the price tag says. it's very nicely surprising but I wonder if they are trying to hook me or something.

I did not make it to macy's though as I left the virgin megastore with more merchandise than I had really planned on but they were having this 80s music sale so I got "Closer" on cd which I did not have before, plus an old Fall album and the soundtrack to "Pretty in Pink," which I bought mainly for the "left of center" suzanne vega song. yeah it's good also to own that version of "pretty in pink" but the first one is so much better there's not really that much point to it other than the compulsion to own a copy of everything richard butler has ever done.

I even have that cover of "how soon is now" that everyone hates although I don't think it's that bad. it's nowhere near what the original was but sometimes a cover can just go off in a completely different direction and still be interesting.

yeah it's the crush. I haven't been able to see around it since 1982.

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