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I tried going through my annotations in The Making of Americans but decided to reread the first few pages which put me right to sleep. I was sitting in here, in my room, in the chair without head support and after a few snaps back I scrunched down and hunched over so that my head would fall forwards rather than backwards when I lost consciousness. I slept that way for three hours.

then I woke up and read my evening books: I have started three books and am reading them one chapter at a time each in the evening. I read them in this order:

Articles of Impeachment Against George W. Bush, which doesn't say anything we don't already know except that really the entire administration needs to be impeached although it doesn't say that out loud and I wonder if such a mechanism exists and whom that would leave in the oval office.

Holy Terrors: thinking about religion after September 11, which is kind of an edgy book for me to be reading since it does quote Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell extensively but at least points out their reductionism and scarcely-concealed self-interest but in any case it doesn't say much I didn't already know either, to the extent that extreme Islam is not very different from extreme Christianity and really I don't understand why the two religions don't just recognize how much they agree with each other: America is Babylon, sinful, being punished by god, etc etc etc.

Zen Buddhism: Selected Writings of DT Suzuki which is very informative early on about the historical development of zen in china from its indian roots but hasn't yet said a whole lot about whether zen is what I think it is although the paradoxical formulations offered so far can certainly be interpreted in a way I like.

it's an oddly complementary list: what's wrong with the president, what's wrong with the beliefs I grew up with which so influence this president, and what there is out there in the world that might function as an alternative to what is wrong with what's going on over here in this part.

it's also calming to read about zen after reading about the nutcases in charge of the country right now. I really hope the current state of affairs is as temporary as zen would make everything out to be.

now I guess I'll go to bed. because I did not leave the house today and I ate all my store-bought burritos already I lived on cereal today and am out of milk for tomorrow. alas. I should go get my fasting bloodwork done anyway so this will provide me with the means not to eat in the morning.

I hope that having drunk a quart of whole milk is compensated for adequately by the whole grains and fiber in my cereal.

sleep. the only thing wrong with sleep--besides the things you have to do to get ready to sleep--is that it comes with dreams. every night I have to take part in some absurd narrative entirely against my will. half the time I know I'm dreaming and at that point what can my unconscious possibly tell me? sometimes I wish the ego would just chill at night but there are times when knowing I'm dreaming is a good thing. this can be a mixed blessing though. if the skies are stormy and I know I'm dreaming then I know tornados are imminent whereas if I'm not lucidly dreaming it is less of a sure thing. odd how that one works.

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