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I so don't feel like working. not because it's a holiday necessarily but I think my sudden persistent depression might have more to do with hormonal poop-out than anything. last couple of cycles I've been dragging a couple days before I'm due for a shot, so I've been doing them a day or two early. I think I need to do mine today.

I could spend the day going over my stein notes. thing seems to be that I don't really feel like working for anyone else today, although that is what I'm supposed to be doing according to schedule. I don't have a bbq to go to or anything like that and besides I pretty much don't observe holidays for various reasons but mostly because I don't like to be told how to feel on any given day.

thus I will trim my nails, wash my hands, give myself my shot, and open a book. just not sure which book it will be. then we'll see what afternoon brings. a boost would be welcome.

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