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ok I'm awake.

my therapist comes back today or that is we have an appointment today and the great stress for me will be guessing whether she is really going to appear. I have this thing about people vanishing on me and she's always running late so sometimes I get a little anxious.

I am a little in a panic because I can't think of what to say about gertrude stein. with some authors this would be no biggie--reread your notes, go back over the text--but in this case the primary text is 1000 pages long and my notes are scribbled in the margins. I am thinking of just reading as much of the making of americans as I can in the next couple of days and looking over how to write again and seeing what comes of that.

I suppose I should make something of the fact that no one actually reads the making of americans except people writing their dissertations. I don't know if anyone reads how to write either, but it is shorter and in some ways more understandably nonsensical.

in any case I know I had some thoughts about these back when I was in Lyn's seminar, but I've forgotten a great deal about what went on in that class and I have no idea where my notes might be. perhaps a search for the notebook of the time might be fruitful. there are hazards to spending ten years in grad school when it comes to trying to find old notes.

I will try to just relax with the text. when I read, something always comes up. and if it doesn't? my dissertation will be about postmodern ethics and that's it.

I think that will be ok.

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