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well that was the most reasonable nap I've had in recent history: it lasted a little over two hours instead of, like, six. I'm not so sure it would have worked that way had Sandy not come home while I was snoozing in the livingroom. feeling that I should not monopolize the livingroom with my snoring, I woke up, poured more coffee, and am now venturing to see if two hours really made any difference or if the coffee is going to put me back to sleep in this chair, the one without a high back so that if I don't hunch forward I get whiplash with the sleepies.

I feel like my shots ate totally pooping out on me way earlier than they should. I'm not 'due' till tuesday, which would not make today so anomalous, but I've been sleepy for three days now, and I doubt that I suddenly need twice my normal dose. I wonder if I've had a T level done anywhere in this last rash of bloodwork, which I need also to remember to call the doctor about next week.

I must go find fizzy water and milk and cereal. I'd wait but I'm thirsty now and I've become such an addict of fizz that I don't feel satisfied with plain old filtered tap water unless I'm really dehydrated.

the fizzy water makers must know their product is addictive.

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