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I was going to say that when I work weekends I spend my spare time online and so notice that others of you don't but then I remembered that whent I don't work weekends I also spend my spare time online so that distinction is moot. in any case, why are weekends so quiet in lj land? during the week I can hardly keep up with my friends page; on weekends I distractedly hit reload every couple of hours to see that nothing's changed. why? oh why?

Poll #770542 why weekends are so dull around here

I hardly post on Saturdays because

I usually post at work--on company time!
Unlike you I have things to do on Saturdays
I go out of town on the weekend--without my laptop!!
I stay up so late Friday night that I don't get up on Saturday until you are in bed
I don't consider sunshine, people and activity a reason to hide inside the house
Other (explain in comments)

I hardly post on Sundays because

I spend the entire day at church and am assured of my place in heaven. You?
Still out of town and haven't been lured into an internet cafe yet
I've been out since Friday night and can no longer tell the difference between my computer and the oven
Sundays are for family
I slave through weekends as a waiter! damn you.
Other (explain in comments)

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