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just got rid of over 500MB of junk on my hard drive. am thinking about writing detailed how-to-unhose-your-mac guide for jetgirl23 since i was unable actually to fix her handmedown g3 while there. could update my system software to 9.2 but i don't know if the updater updates 9.1 or installs 9.2 in its own folder and if it updates 9.1 i think i need to reinstall 9.1 first as many funny little crashes are making me suspicious that something is deeply wrong but either way would entail much painstaking moving of extensions and control panels and preference files and i was going to do all that today but instead i went to a garden party.

vacation officially ends tomorrow. i think. i might declare it not over till monday though. i mean shit i've got two and a half months of really hard work staring me in the face so what is one extra day off?

of course i ask myself this almost every weekend..

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