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finally a meme flavored just right

Name a song...

...that reminds you of an ex: psychedelic furs - love my way
..that makes you cry: gary jules' cover of 'mad world'
...that reminds you of your childhood: cher - gypsies tramps and thieves
...that reminds you of high school: toto - hold the line
...that mirrors you too closely: david bowie - sound and vision
...that makes you laugh: lady bunny lip synching 'popcorn,' that first ever synthesizer ditty by 'hot butter'
...that will always get you up to dance: laura branigan - gloria
...that you used to hate, but now love: lynn anderson - I never promised you a rose garden
...that you love but wouldn't know of if it weren't for a friend: coolio - gangsta's paradise
...that you like from your parent's collection: herb alpert and the tijuana brass - the lonely bull
...that makes you think of sex: coil - love's secret domain
...that is your anthem: patti smith - free money
...that is your ultimate love song: - erik satie's gnosseinnes
...that reminds you of something nasty: the cure - push
...that reminds you of a break-up: rem - leaving
...that makes you think of your friends: anything by the ramones or the damned or the stranglers
...that is held between you and a friend: kate bush - wuthering heights
...that would be your choice for a national anthem: frog eyes - a latex ice age
...that changed your life in some pragmatic way: 'pragmatic' way? hm. how about changed my life so that it was never the same again: patti smith - ghost dance

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