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I managed to read stein for an hour and a half without falling asleep, but I did come close a few times. I really need to get through more of it but I'm hoping the urge to slumber wanes as the afternoon progresses. usually by 4 I'm a little more awake, unless, of course, I am in the middle of a nap.

maybe I should start working all night and sleeping all day. given that I can already almost sleep all day it would be relatively easy to shift my few productive hours over to between 6pm and 2am.

either that or I should procure a stationary bicycle and ride it while working. all day. 12 hours on the bike, reading or writing. I could put a bracket on it to hold my laptop. I'd be in tip-top shape by fall!

well let's see what I can do to keep the afternoon lively. given the spontaneity of my naps I should probably set my phone to beep at 3:30 so I can get to walgreens before the pharmacy closes.

maybe a few laps up and down the hall.

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