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the weather station that I believe is actually accurate for my neighborhood reads 88F as the high today. I spent the afternoon in dwinelle hall so I can't really say what it was like in berkeley because dwinelle hall must have some elaborate air venting system that keeps the building cool without a/c, even on the top floor. it is much much warmer here at home.

without the weather to talk about I don't know what to say. I still stripped to my boxers upon arriving home and am now joining the cats in stretching my body out to maximize cooling surface in front of the fan. too bad they don't sweat; unless the fan is blowing cool air from somewhere it is of no use to them. they are stuck with trying to radiate to the floor and the air.

the reading I did yesterday to prepare to comment on response papers today turned out to be all the wrong reading so I am having to do that today instead of making the comments. it is conceivable that I could get 20 of them done tomorrow. it's not like grading; you make a few encouragements to rhetorical analysis depending upon what they are and aren't doing. if they say something smart you tell them so. that's about it.

I still have a negative balance in my bank account although I have three different paychecks lined up to hit it any day now. I don't know if they are all going to wait for aug 1 or not. I might have to come up with some creative financing for the next week. I'm contemplating converting all my good cds to high bitrate mp3s and selling the cds and yes I know the mp3s don't sound as good but honestly my years of pickiness about uber-hi-fidelity may be behind me. I figure if the day ever comes that I can afford a decent stereo I can replace my most valued cds. of course by then they'll be out of print.

oh quandary.

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