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I'm very proud of myself for taking out the recyclying and changing the cat boxes just now. it took about half an hour and now I am not feeling quite as guilty about the shape of the house as I was yesterday. the kitchen really needs cleaning and mopping, but I'm not up to that at the moment. fortunately sandy is as lax in her housekeeping as I am in mine. what would drive most folks up a wall doesn't seem to bother either of us. I don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing but so far neither of us has caught any exotic disease.

I took today off. I thought the sooner the better. I might go for a walk in a minute although the weather is the frustratingly not cold/not warm type in which walking a mile will drench me in sweat and I will freeze to death the rest of the way. I always think if I walk really really really slowly I won't sweat but you know it never works. I mean if I do walk quickly things deteriorate that much sooner, but in the end I always come home soaking wet and uncomfortable.

I haven't spoken to my doctor about sweating drugs yet. maybe next visit.

I was also thinking of sitting and reading for pleasure (!) but I don't really feel like a nap. I can tell by the relative weight of my eyelids that reading=napping right now.

so yeah. another day of thrill. I was going to give you the details of how the cats poo in one box and pee in the other but it was a long story beginning with why I have two litter boxes and although it's the sort of story that I tell to myself repeatedly as though I had a constant audience or as though telling yourself stories about your life helps you to keep track of things it did finally occur to me that this particular story is probably only interesting to me. I mean there are some people I'd tell the litterbox story to in the way that parents share kid stories and if the kid is listening as I almost always was then the kid gets his/her story told for him/her by someone else entirely than themselves but this sort of tale of how this household holds itself together is usually only of interest to those with similar households.

although it would be interesting if instead of segregating restrooms as to gender, we separated them according to what you wanted to do in there. there could be restrooms especially for doing drugs and having sex.

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