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spam subject: inconspicuously screech

of course I opened it hoping to find some dadaistic rant but it was one of those 'inside' stock tips that have become so rampant. do companies going public send out these spams or are they completely fictional?

oh my. I scrolled to the bottom of the spam and this is what I found there:

"We leave all sinful things to the vain and foolish. And now, dear Caroline, you must draw a moral from the untoward events of to-day. exclaimed Christopher, let him say Hamlet. My dear, I said, you must know that our friend, Mr. The very tone inwhich Prue had spoken convinced me that he might. If I hear any more I shall absolutely hate the Watkinsons. Kits,perhaps, and his domain extended to the sea. But sometimes an irresistible necessity compels me to put them on, and I cannot help seeing. Only see his obstinacy, said the solemn Joseph. Watkinson, and a young lady, whom she introduced as her daughter Jane. If they did I would never wish to see them again in my house. I paid him when we came to the door, said Edward. This was first taken for granted, and then spoken of asan acknowledged fact. Watkinsons by our coachman disappointing us. Yes, the rale words she said when I handed her the billy-dux was, Very well, James. Hester, my dear, come and talk to Miss Morland in French. Theheavy iron shutters were gloomily closed over the windows. Prue and I do not entertain much; our means forbid it. He turns slowly, and I go chatting on--a little too loquacious,perhaps, about those young girls. exclaimed Christopher, let him say Hamlet. Watkinson, and a young lady, whom she introduced as herdaughter Jane. I cannot resolve to punish so conscientious a child, said Mrs. He called for his spyglass, and surveyingthe craft, saw that she came from the neighboring island. Morland: Now, maam, you shall have somemusic from my daughter Jane, who is one of Mr. Itis but right--said he to his mother--that we should give Mrs. So you do, said Joseph, but a whipping will cure me better. It grew dark as we stood in the office talking, and taking our hats wewent out together. Come now, Benny--say yourthoughts are turned on peace. Thisdone, she stood him on his feet before Mrs."

I guess I found what I was looking for.

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