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terror alert

I think it is past time to worry about any work that I'm not taking with me so now begins the slow countdown to the moment that I get on the plane and start measuring my breaths. the ridiculous rhetoric about the whole plot to blow up airplanes has for some reason not made much of a difference in anxiety levels--that could be because they are already sky-high (ha. I made a funny.) or it might be that my eternal sceptic is somewhat cynical about attempts to manipulate a relatively routine plot intervention into war propaganda by elevating terror alerts without giving us any practical advice as to what to do. signal the marshal when the guy next to the aisle takes out his flask?

anyone remember the clinton years, when plots to blow up the world trade center were regularly caught and shutdown as a matter of routine and no one cared? it could still be like that except that for a short moment we decided that catching terror plots was not a priority.


I could now make lists of things to take. I like to start with the stuff I'd suffer terribly without such as
1. laptop
2. ipod.
beyond that there's just socks and underwear and a couple pair of pants and a couple of shirts. it seems that seattle weather and san francisco weather are not that different at the moment except for the fog which we have here but not there.

I have to go to an appointment now. this should result in an rx for xanax for the flight itself. we'll see. I'd settle for 'permission' to take extra klonopin. it's not like I feel I need permission but what I do need is an effective barrier between me and panic.

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