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the good the bad and the ugly

well no ugly really.

the good thing is that I did not dream about airplanes crashing but instead had this ridiculous sex dream where we didn't ever have sex but the pre-sex negotiations went well which for this monk counts as a nice sex dream. I woke up with kate bush going through my head instead of songs about falling and dying which is a good sign I think.

the bad thing is I wanted to get up at 6 but didn't until 7 and so in a minute must begin to make whirlwind preparations for leaving.

I wanted to shave my head before going but don't think there will be time. I suppose I could pay a barber to shave my head while I'm up there. I don't feel like lugging my clippers although I think they would be allowed in checked baggage.

so what I have to do is get all my white shirts in a bag with all my silk undershirts and a few pairs of socks and then pack whatever I really want to wear. obviously I should wear the bulkiest things and pack the lightweight things. I'm not sure what I'm going to wear while doing laundry--perhaps I should choose one clean pair of jeans. I mean I'm not averse to hanging out in my underwear when it is hot but I don't know that it's going to be so hot there.

need more coffee.


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