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in half an hour I get on BART to get to the airport by noon so that I will have plenty of time to get on my plane which leaves at 2. this seems reasonable doesn't it? I never do this. I do know they will board around 1:30. this gives me an hour and a half to take off my shoes and walk through the detector. I wonder what I will forget to remove from my person that will make it go off.

soon I will take two more benzos. my nurse practitioner said take the xanax right on top of the klonopin and so far it seems to be doing pretty well. I'm alert but functional whereas without anything I would not even be able to type at this point.

if everyone reading this would just send whatever sort of blessings one is capable of to the airspace over the west coast between 2 and 4:30 PDT I'd appreciate it.

I downloaded a number of tv programs to watch on my ipod, each a little less demanding so that no matter what state I am in I will be able to understand what is going on. in order of complexity I'd say they go from the daily show to south park to america's funniest home videos. I already have the afv animal extravaganza show and have watched it so I downloaded 'the battle of the best' which knowing the tastes of the average audience will mean lots of videos of babies doing things that are marginally amusing. I'm hoping though that they get at least a few good dog and cat videos on there.

it only occured to me the other day that I was flying on the 13th but I'm of the perverse sort who believe 13 is a good number and not a bad one. hopefully the airport won't be very crowded though since most people are not of this opinion.

nervous. time for more drugs.


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Aug. 13th, 2006 06:21 pm (UTC)
I'll focus my thought-beams at the appointed time. Bon voyage.

Good idea, downloading TV shows to match various states of mind. Sounds like you are very well prepared.

I doubt 13 will have an effect on the size of the airport crowd. Though nowadays, with the big long lines at the shoe-inspection station, the relative ease of the actual waiting-bay (what are those called? your pod, your...gate) is kind of oddly relaxing. To me.
Aug. 13th, 2006 08:08 pm (UTC)
oh they should be called pods. I'm in one right now. there are too many people though and it's making me nervous and intolerant of of the ways of small children.

yeah the hurry up and get through security because it could take days part was over in five minutes. we'll board in an hour. I'm titrating benzos.
Aug. 13th, 2006 07:15 pm (UTC)
I'll be thinking about you.
Aug. 13th, 2006 08:09 pm (UTC)
thanks. I'm at the gate now. we are a little late so I'm going to send out a general announcement to continue thinking until 5 or so.
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