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hurry up and wait

I rushed to the airport to find security lines of approximately three minutes long so of course I signed away ten dollars of my life to access the internet to keep me 1. calm 2. distracted 3. entertained. as mentioned in a comment I am slowly titrating benzos trying to walk that fine line between relaxed and unconscious. the plane will be late arriving from wherever it is coming from--probably seattle--so we are currently looking at a half hour delay so train your thoughts to the west coast jetstream till 5 or so.

the airport seems uncrowded to me but I don't know what an average sunday looks like. considering we are running late it could be much worse. I continue to be amazed however by the nonchalance of the 100s who are here who obviously fly all the time and think nothing of it. it must be nice. unless of course they are all drugged too. I'm sure a fair percentage are.

I must say that these two pills are hitting harder than the same I took upon arising six hours ago. but all works for the good. I just need to be awake when they call my row number. A little stroll might be in order in a bit.

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