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I started this morning by spilling boiling water on my hand--how is not interesting--so now I go into the bathroom every few minutes and run cold water over it and it stops hurting for a little while.

I got up at noon after going to bed at 10:30. it's something about the air in seattle I think. the new little clock radio I bought for traveling with so that I could wake to something that doesn't make me immediately turn it off stopped working. I've had it for two days. the radio light goes on but no sound comes out.

thus I think that soon I need to go return the clock radio and get some aloe for my hand and maybe a little gauze and tape so that it really looks wounded. I'm waiting for the bupe to take the edge off the pain too. it's been since the beginning of this post that I've last poured cold water over it and it is beginning to hurt again.

I think I might not do any work today once my hand is doctored but go for a walk downtown or something, assuming I can get the hand to stop occupying most of my conscious attention. I've yet to go to the relatively new library for instance and downtown is a crazy quilt of consumerism now that was unimaginable back in 87 when we first moved here. why there was still a woolworth's downtown then.


so while finding the packing materials for the clock I decide to try to turn the radio on one last time and of course it works fine. I guess I'll give it one more day in order not to have to be lugging merchandise all over the city. the fingers still hurt though.

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