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injury report

well I can't wear any rings on that hand yet but the continuous slathering with aloe has made the scalds stop hurting entirely and in fact I don't have bandaids on today and I can still reach into my pocket. yesterday with bandaids I couldn't do that.

boy what a dumb thing to do. now I know not to overfill a french press. I guess I underestimated the total volume that the pressy part takes up.

I have to write a syllabus today. it may involve some semi-recreational reading in that I have to find readings for them out of a reader full of all sorts of things. I guess there will be no particular theme to the class but maybe I can make something up out of the materials I've been given. I'm allowed to assign reading not in the reader too, but why make the field of possibilities larger when you really need to be slimming them down.

yeah. well alright. to work I suppose.

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