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the seeing if i can get up without an alarm clock experiment is not showing good results. see the deal is i always wake up early and then go back to sleep and spend the next few hours sleeping and waking and sleeping and waking so i thought maybe i could force myself out of bed before going back to sleep but the problem is that my only opportunity to do that is around 6:30am because that is when i wake up first and most alertly. after that i pass in and out of semiconsciousness as though i were heavily sedated until almost noon when finally i wake up fully again.

i am thinking i could capitulate to the 6am waking if i went to bed earlier or i could go back to setting my alarm for 8 or so and spending an hour or more hitting snooze. the reason i don't like this last is that it simply results in my last hour and a half of sleep being interrupted every five minutes by the alarm which makes that last hour and a half fairly useless as far as actually getting any rest goes.

there is something though about going to bed at 9 and getting up at 6 that would make me feel a little old and farmerish.

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