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there are two things I must do today:

go to therapy
call HR at USF and make appointment to process paperwork, hopefully for tomorrow

there are two things I should do:

clean the dishrack

laundry almost falls into 'must' but I'm not about to allow a three-hour activity eat up my only day off. I have to check my bank account to see whether I'm buying more socks or washing some in the sink. problem with washing them in the sink is they take too long to hang dry--like two days. I wear very heavy socks. I could buy some cheap mission street socks instead of expensive REI socks I suppose which would simply boost my emergency sock supply rather than my favorite sock supply.

I wonder how much lobbying it would take to get the landlord to put a washer and dryer in the basement.

oh and I must sit. now. back shortly.

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