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the candle at the end of the tunnel was re-lit while meditating although I cannot really describe the mechanism through which this works except that meditating is a great help in learning to see the world as it is rather than as your screwed up psyche would have it be. not that the screen and frame of reference of the whole perceptual apparatus are escapable--I still only get a human world, and no more--but the evidence of good in this world outweighs the evidence for bad when everything is run through with panic &c suspended.

I say this only in relation to a very small part of the world: my life, this weekend. I can't say with any confidence that good outweighs bad in the world at large. technically, the whole dichotomy is suspect anyway but sometimes categories are helpful. in any case I suspect that the world at large is in a heap of trouble but for the moment I can't do a lot about that.

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