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I told myself I have to work today because on Monday I was unable to get much done for various reasons and now that I have done the two things I absolutely had to do I am finding it impossible to get myself to do anything else. I am tired and I don't feel like doing anything. this is perhaps a consequence of being so sleepy that I was unable to get myself in bed at 9:30 last night--I awoke at 11 with my forehead on the touchpad of my laptop. I do not remember closing my eyes but apparently I did and did not open them again for a little while. and although sleep did occur I cannot be certain of the quality of the type of sleep that occurs bent over in a chair with your face on your desk.

at 6:45 my alarm went off and I did not hit snooze because they were playing bowie's "ashes to ashes" which is not only one of my favorite songs ever but this morning it fit with weird dream logic into the dream it interrupted and I was like whoa.. I have to listen to this. so I turned the volume down so as not to wake my housemate and once the song was over I was awake so got up.

anyway I seem to have run out of steam around 11:30 and haven't done much since. am currently drinking the monster drink and taking another klonopin to see if the speedball will get me into a social enough mood to go over to usf and get my "usfconnect" account set up so that I can then set up a discussion board for the class.

if it just puts me to sleep then I guess I'll sleep. I have to go out and find food too. I feel the need for protein beyond what my whole milk provides me. oh and my prescriptions should be ready which is not particularly convenient in relation to going to usf but at least the bus routing would all give me something to do besides stare under heavy eyelids at the computer screen.

I need to get a bus pass. too much bussing around this semester to pay as I go.

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