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worth the ride

the paycheck at least was there and sufficient to pay rent and leave some over for things like shoes and cat food--the staffs of life.

there went the day. I can still sit and read for a little while and think I just might as soon as I'm done saying whatever it is I came here to say which really I've already said so I could shut up now and be done with it.

at this point I enter a whole new financial realm in which I have enough money to pay the rent, the utilities, my therapist and a bankruptcy lawyer. I still have to figure out how to pay enough to school to get the hold lifted from my registration but I might be able to do that in a month's time which will free up another paycheck and get me insurance and guarantee me a timely degree when I file.

I'm going to investigate the properties of ginseng all by itself in the next day or two. the monster drink leaves me a little nauseated possibly because of the extra shot of caffeine which I've never really found useful after 4pm anyway it just makes me jumpy and spaced out by then but if I can take plain old ginseng without getting anxious like I used to it could be a real boon.

anything. anything at all to get through the stein awake.


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Sep. 8th, 2006 11:48 pm (UTC)
We discussed ginseng very briefly in my first chinese herbology class today and the instructor said it is a Qi tonic and can help people who sweat excessively. He didn't talk about toxicity or counterindications. I'm sure we'll get into that later as we study each herb. Today was just a basic overview and history.

This is a link to a good database: http://www.senhealth.com/vsite/vcontent/page/xmlcontent/0,11740,4822-128141-129449-18662-65585-xmlcontent-item,00.html
Sep. 9th, 2006 07:22 pm (UTC)
I had no idea about the sweating. I'll have to check out what happens.

if Qi is the life force then mine definitely needs adjusting. it appears in massive amounts in my unconscious life but in my physical being it has always been at an ebb. I've spent most of my life with grand ambitions lodged in a body that gets worn out if it has to say 'hi' to someone it does not know.
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