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the neighbors across the courtyard (the small courtyard--they are about 5 yards away) had a party last night that although it was not sufficient to keep me up the whole time did make a dent in my ability to shut them out and fall asleep so I don't know what time it was when I finally drifted off with their shouts in my ear but when the alarm went off at 8 I turned it off. slept till 11.

it's just as well. making myself get up early to try to read stein is just asking for a long afternoon nap. I will sit, I will read, I will go buy cat litter and more catnip for poor santiago who is almost out of his favorite drug. I'm surprised that in puritan amerika we allow our pets to alter their consciousness. we don't even know what catnip does. for all we know the cats are all little satan worshippers by now.

the weather underground keeps saying today will be warmer than yesterday. they've said this four days in a row now. I guess that my hopes for a real fall are out the window. welcome to san francisco summer. this lasts through the second or third week of october at which time the temperature drops 40 degrees and it starts to rain and is winter for awhile.

so yeah. my work week begins. this does not make me very happy but the next two days at least I get to work on my work and no one else's.


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