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tiny little good karma payback

I must have helped a little old lady across the street in my last life--although since it was apparently in the tenth century CE in ontario, I must have saved her from freezing in the snow or something.

the reasons are multiple why there is a hold on my registration so I won't go into those, but usually if they put a hold on your registration you can't be hired to work any graduate student positions, but somehow my hire went through and I just got a check for two months' worth of salary, which is approximately what I owe to get the registration block lifted.

there might be enough left over to buy a pair of pants at nordstrom rack in celebration. we'll see.

the berkeley system is kind of bipolar in that it can be maddeningly obstructivist or unexpectedly compassionate. but never anything in between, like predictable.

but so this means my insurance takes effect and everything which is just in the nick of time as my therapist wants to put through a small stack of claims. phew.

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