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karma who?

as the wheel keeps turning: this morning I clean my feet like I do every morning before putting on my socks and I discover the worst case of athlete's foot ever! I will spare you the sensory details, but I did google 'trenchfoot' just to make sure it wasn't something worse but no it's athlete's foot suddenly and emphatically.

I guess wearing the same pair of boots every day for a week is a bad idea. also I tend to put my shoes on early and leave them on till late: after sitting I get dressed and I rarely take my shoes off after getting home at night. I wait till I'm ready for my jammies before I remove my shoes. I think I will be utilizing my sandals as houseshoes for awhile. I'm throwing away my slippers (getting threadbare anyway) and shopping for more.

yeah so before I could get anything going today I had to run to walgreen's for foot medicine, come home and wash my feet etc etc. and now they are both well-lubricated with lamisil.

it's also time for really clean socks. I'll be getting up at 5 tomorrow to get my loads in before the early mass attendees.

so then. where was I? stein. time for stein.

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