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hurry up and wait

last night I went on a little itunes spree, buying every tv show I think I might want to watch on my ipod or computer for the next five years or so. I bought so many episodes of this and that--and apple's servers are so slow--that only half of them have downloaded, 24 hours later. I will leave my laptop running overnight to see if it will finish but for some reason the downloads stop when the display goes to sleep even though the computer isn't going to sleep. I'm not sure what to do about that. set sleep to never and turn screen brightness all the way down? then in the morning I will panic because I can't get the screen to come back up. then I'll remember..

as is I had to move my itunes library to the 250GB external drive. no it doesn't take up that whole thing, but it has overwhelmed my little old 40GB drive that was the original in this powerbook before I put an 80GB one in and firewired the old one.

I wonder what I'll use the 40 for now. iPhoto library? I sure wish someone would come up with a better piece of consumer software for organizing 1000s of digital images. I hate iPhoto with a fiery hot--well no I don't think about it all that often really, but when I do I think 'guh!' I guess I could make it a portable drive for large web projects but I would need to put it in a usb/firewire enclosure since the peecee world stupidly neglected to get on the firewire bus. everything that I need to back up locally is on the big one. I carry around all my digital writings on a 1GB flash stick in my pocket at all times except sleeping ones.

tonight's plan: sit. treat feet. bed. today? 20 pages of stein. I'll never finish but I am really digging it in a way I didn't the first time through.


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