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the day after the day after

so I guess the elections went ok after all. I wonder if this means the giants will win the next world series.

I hope Nancy Pelosi becomes speaker of the house and starts spreading her 'san francisco values' across the political arena. wouldn't it be nice to see compassion and acceptance spread to other parts of the country so that we could then watch civilization collapse continue to sustain itself as usual. do the republicans who think san francisco itself is eating away at the foundations of society ever look over here and notice that--hey!--nothing has fallen apart here, chaos does not reign (except when we want it to for fun), and children do not grow up without ethical values or social graces?

it's weird isn't it. you'd expect that we would barely be able to hold a civil conversation here, considering all the things we do to tempt the downfall of All That We Hold Dear.

I was mentioning the other day in IM conversation with lisagail that if we got into a confrontation with north korea with the republicans in control of our side, they'd probably be willing to sacrifice san francisco without even firing back. I mean look at new orleans. what is the federal government doing in response there, even now? I'm hoping with a democratic congress someone will convince the administration that you don't treat nuclear-weapons weilding countries as children exhibiting 'bad behavior.' you talk to them. even if they are satan's minions. I'm not kidding about letting san francisco go. I bet it's been mentioned in the white house, even if just as a 'joke.'

seattle of course is closer and probably in worse peril, but I'd bet the administration really wouldn't lament the loss of any urban west coast area. well maybe they'd get a little teary-eyed about springfield oregon, but only for a minute. then they'd remember they'd gotten rid of eugene in the deal and brighten up.

but anyway three cheears for the country finally coming to its senses. too bad it's six years too late.

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