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I'm not even going to outline the plan judith has for me handing this thing in. basically I have eight writing days to finish.

I should have asked her to guest lecture one the rest of my classes.

I don't know if she'll get what she wants but there will be lots of writing done here in the next two weeks.

today i wrote maybe four pages. it no longer matters. we're up to 200. I honestly don't quite understand how I said the same thing for 200 pages but all the greats do it so I'm in good company.

what else. I broke the ice with "as I was saying" and "there are many different ways of being living." I guess from here it's just blab till I've had enough. I won't know I'm through until sometime after I've finished the last paragraph. that's the way it always goes. "da ti da ti da da da. hm. I guess I'm done."

I won't begin to consider what I might do immediately after that moment. it's quite possible that I will burst into flame.

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