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the credenza is overflowing with mail and about half of the huge pile belongs to me. the stuff on the bottom is at least two months old. i do know that i resolved to go through it all when i got back from seattle and that was one month ago and of course i haven't done it yet. every time i pick up an envelope and look at it trying to decide whether to open it or toss it or open it and then toss it or tear it in two and then toss it or put it on the more modest pile on my desk which has all of this year's credit card statements in it it just seems way too hard so i put the envelope back.

once a month i rummage through it to get the latest credit card bills so i know how much i owe.

there are magazines in there that could go in the bathroom reading bin to replace the ones we've all memorized. there might even be catalogs. and there could be another credit card i applied for because it is easier to apply for new credit cards than it is to change your name on your old ones.

yes i am still in the middle of changing my name. it's been five and a half years now. soon i can get a passport in the new name which is no longer new and then no one can question who i am. do they send your passport to you in the mail? i would probably be some months in noticing it was there.

notice how i am avoiding talking about the stacks of unread books on my desk.

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