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day off

as yesterday afternoon i realized i was fried from studying seven days straight today is play day. now if i could just figure out what i wanted to do.

i could:

stay in and make mix tapes. the this is your life tapes i made for the b-day party are wearing thin for my walks besides which i have regretted since making them the fact that i left cher off. believe!

sit in a park and read. or sit in a cafe and read. this would be a little too much like studying unless i chose say the peanuts book i bought the other day. it has hundreds of 1950s vintage charlie brown strips in it and i am savoring it slowly. my other choice is a Zane Grey book i couldn't find in time to put it on my lists and i thought i could read it as a leisure volume but i tried the other day and it just made me think of all the stuff that is on my lists. silly me.

go shopping. this appeals greatly except for the fact that i don't want anything. i could use a new pair of walking/hiking boots as mine have gone all flat and unbouncy but to get a good pair at a decent price i would have to go to rei and that is over in berkeley and not terribly convenient even by bart. everything else that comes to mind is too expensive like a usb/firewire card and webcam or a z-gauge train (yes i still want one of those). the usual solution for this dilemma is to go used clothing/music shopping in the haight but there is nothing in particular that i seem to think i need in that department.

do the dishes and go through my mail. i really should do these no matter what else i do.

finish painting my door. i started three years ago and never got back to it. i need to strip the old paint off the brass doorknob and polish it up plus finish painting the red edges of the door panels.

walk to the mile-and-a-half-away store. i did my five miles yesterday but on the way back i wanted to stop in at rainbow grocery for foodstuffs i can only get there but they were closed for May Day! commies.

go for a bus ride. yes i like to take public transit just for the fun of it. i'm a little weird. it helps to avoid the popular routes which muni inexplicably equips with the oldest smallest buses. it is nice though to take one of the big articulated buses from downtown all the way through the richmond to the beach then walk around on the beach and then get back on the bus. this can take hours.

go on a caffeine jag. this could be concomitant with any other activity.

pull out the guitar and make noise. the problem with that as you are all aware is that my room is tiny and pulling out my guitar involves much intricate involved maneuvering and putting it back -- which is mandatory if i want to use my room for anything else later -- involves the same intricate involved maneuvering only in reverse. sometimes i really really miss the warehouse.

sit here at the computer and type in every little thought that comes into my fool head. i'm sure that would make me very popular.

what i will probably do is vacillate helplessly between alternatives while playing endless rounds of computer solitaire until it is too late to do most of them at which time i will go get a burrito.

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