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well it pays to know people in high places I guess. I now have 50% employment at Berkeley, one the GSR position for the website and the other 25% TAing for a guy I've known for awhile who is usually quite eccentric and bright so the class will be unusual, to say the least. my job will probably be to translate his lectures into material my section of students can make sense of.

that's still not enough money to live on in san francisco but it is all I can work at Berkeley. I'm going to try to drum up some web business and maybe some technical editing of some kind; if you know anyone or anywhere that needs this kind of service, point them my way and I will kiss you next time I see you. or not, if you'd rather not.

and of course I still can't pay this month's rent so I am not out of the woods but about halfway. I think this is a sign though that I need to branch out from my teaching habit and get into something that is more in sync with my personality and special need for reduced sociability; it seems that what I should do is finish the renovations on my web site and hang my shingle out in earnest. I am going to market myself for three main things: web site design, editing/proofreading/writing, and educational consulting/lecturing. I don't know how big the demand for the last one is, but I have some special life experiences that could be translated into lectures on a number of topics--gender being perhaps the most obvious, but with my education I can lecture on a number of other things as well.

thus I need to trim my index page of the extraneous services that I have decided not to offer--tutoring, for one, and general computer jockey for the other. I might put out a craigslist ad for help with home networking and computer maintenance but I don't think I'll list it as a major skill on my website.

anyway. this post is also a way of saying hey if you know anyone who needs any of these things I can do, point them to me. the lj networking scheme.

hoo. I'm tired like I've worked all day. in some ways I have. pity I don't get paid for any of it till february. on the other hand, I don't have to worry about what I'm teaching next week: I just will have to lead a discussion on whatever daniel has to say the first day, which I'm sure will be challenging enough. it will be kind of nice not to be the head authority figure for a change.

alms? alms for the poor?

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