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the six hour holiday

i got my hair cut tonight and so afterwards i had to go for two slices of pizza and a beer because that is what i always do after my haircuts and i decided after that beer to get some more beer on my way home and have a couple more.

while drinking my beer c and i watched america's funniest home videos like we do every friday night. we know it's pathetic so you don't have to tell us. but hey it was worth it -- the dog video won! always the baby videos win but this time the baby video came in second and the dog video won.

we were pleased.

anyway the beer was to take the edge off my anxiety and to push the reset button on my reality filters. every now and again it is good to shut the brain off and then restart it. i suppose that is what sleeping is for but there is something about altering your cognitive state while still awake that is particularly useful for arresting the buildup of compulsions and clearing away the unsightly residue of mental tics.

tomorrow then we buffer with mix tapes and baseball.

there was one other thing i wanted to say.

a mask.

that was it.

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