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i just wrote a bunch of gobbledy gook on Proust, Blanchot and Levinas and emailed it all to my poor french professor who rarely hears from me but always in very large chunks.

i feel vindicated against my fear that i could not write anymore (this of course would be precisely because in four weeks i will be called upon to write) but now i want to quit for the day because it was such a nice effort. i would hate to ruin my newly-elevated self esteem by getting confused by, say, Derrida or Deleuze.

it does concern me though that i can't seem to shut up in less than three pages per author and my writtens will consist of about ten pages per entire field of authors. how on earth am i supposed to prove my 'mastery' of a field in only ten pages?

something about all this seems slightly farcical given that study is by nature interminable and destined always to be stuck in apprenticeship. mastery my ass.

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