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i should have recognized the signs of an impending stupid day in the going to bed at 9:30pm and having to drag myself out of bed twelve hours later. in an effort to convince myself i understand what i am reading i read something i wrote in response to the reading a few days ago and only barely understood what i myself wrote. am having difficulty grasping more than one abstraction at a time.

the question is what to do about it. i could read less intellectually intense things. i could give myself my shot two days early and hope this is hormonal and that will fix it. i could say the hell with it and take today off but i took yesterday afternoon off after accomplishing what i set out to do for the morning. and if i am stupid today chances are i will be stupider tomorrow. unless of course i give myself that shot unless of course it is not testosterone that i am running low on.

my instinct is to write out my confusion and when i am sharp that usually does the trick but if this is an honest to goodness stupid day then it will only frustrate and confuse me further.

and of course i am afraid i will remain stupid until july 12 at which time it will be too late.


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