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yeah well this must be the final sign

shit I ain't goin.

I'm going to bed here in a minute and someone else is going to have to touch richard butler for me. I'm just not in the mood to stand in some loud crowded club for 3-5 hours, you know? it hurts the feet and the legs and the back and of course the ears but I never worried much about them having played several shows at the vogue with hearing basically intact (you thought it was loud in the audience. ha. onstage it was a blaring wall of multicolored roar).

I'd love it if he came over here for a cup of coffee for a little while before going onstage but that is less likely to happen than my going over there.

are those days over? will patti be the last musical artist I see who isn't playing in an orchestra in a hall where I can sit down? I got the ticket for august. she has no opening acts so the time spent standing and waiting is not nearly as long.

something about this makes me sad. but I guess I do have other passions now. ones that allow me to sit for hours. and go to bed early.

I'm going to go mourn my youth now. you know that one night lying out on margie's roof giggling at the stars (you don't know it. I was out there by myself but I talked about it afterwards)? I thought it would never end.

well maybe it hasn't ended exactly. just shifted a bit. I still want to be rich and famous, if that counts for anything. I just feel a little more realistic about my chances.

maybe I'll try to learn something in the next hour and then go to bed.

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