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psa iii

from dclarion, required reading:

how to become dictator of a democratic republic

there seems to be talk among more paranoid lefties (of which I'm beginning to become one, so I do not use the term pejoratively) of another "terrorist" attack, orchestrated by the neocons in order to pave the way for martial law to be declared in the US.

I'm not sure the best way to deal with this suspicion other than to try to shore up your democratic congresspeople (if you have any) and let them know in no uncertain terms exactly where you stand on such issues as constitutional rights and especially habeas corpus and other principles of due process of law. remind them of the Reichstag fire and that they should aggressively investigate not only the WTC attacks but any "terrorist" action that occurs between now and 11/2008.

I think a certain critical mass of skepticism and wariness might persuade democratic leadership not to dismiss, as conspiracist nuttery, suspicions of inside jobs being orchestrated in order to keep the neocons in power in light of their sagging approval ratings. I think that we should not underestimate the desire for power that fuels this administration and the lengths they might go to to preserve it. it is already clear that they have no regard for human life as a sacred obstacle to power--be that life american or otherwise.

these fears may be unfounded. it may be that they would be willing to abide by the will of the people and simply exit when shown the door, but I rather doubt it. just think about how (un)responsive the executive branch has been to the wishes of the people for the past seven years. do you think they will go without a fight? I'll leave you to reason that out.

either way, I encourage people to urge the democrats to grow a spine. the more centrist you can appear in your own political leanings, the better; the democrats have an unfounded fear of alienating a fabled huge moderate majority in the country. they don't seem to notice that the less they do to counter the excesses of the executive branch, the lower their approval ratings drop. I don't know exactly what happens inside their complacent bubble in the capitol, but we need to take a really big pin to it and expose them to what the country really wants and needs from them.

find your senators and your representative; use phone, email or snail mail--whichever you prefer. tell them exactly how you feel about the upcoming election and any concerns you have that it might be manipulated or subverted. tell them what you want answers for and why.


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