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this morning I was trying to drive a car that turned into a bicycle across the border between Seattle and Vancouver BC (in my dream geography all of northern WA doesn't exist--or maybe Seattle is where Bellingham is in waking geography) when I started to hear KFOG come in over the car/bike radio and I thought very routinely oh that's a Seattle station and it comes in particularly well up in Vancouver and I listened for a few minutes before actually waking up and realizing that my clock radio alarm was going off.

that rarely happens. I've set the volume as high as I dare (not so high as to wake the housemate, in other words) because at lower volumes I will dream that the radio is on, know that it is actually my alarm clock, but be unable to wake up to turn it off, which is one of the most stressful dream scenarios I have: knowing you are dreaming and wanting to wake up. much like you cannot force yourself asleep but must allow yourself to drift there, I find that in order to wake up I have also to drift off from the world of my dream until I lose consciousness of it. then my brain can make the switch and I can wake up.

whatever that's worth. you cognitive science people get on it and tell me what's going on at the threshold between dream and reality and why it is you have to relax and let the one go in order to enter the other.

I got up early because my att dsl started three days ago and I hadn't had time actually to set it up yet so I did that and what do you know but everything worked without a hitch. I have not one clue what earthlink's problem was unless att was doing something dastardly to the network in order to drive customers back into mommy's arms. I have the 'elite' superfast dsl but I'll have to test it to see if it is giving me the speeds advertised. these routers you are supposed to leave on for ten days at first in order to "optimize" your connection. I don't know exactly what goes on there. I'm not mister network guy so much beyond getting windows machines to talk to macs through a router.

then I went over to b's house where he led me through some testing of some database querying code all written in C# which I'm not really familiar with but it is similar enough to VisualBasic that one can keep up if only just barely while someone who knows exactly what he is doing goes and does it, explaining where necessary what is going on. my brain lasted just under four hours at that when severe glucose deficiency hit and I was suddenly unable to follow plain english syntax very well so I left and picked up big old protein and sugar bar and walked home from the haight feeling like I was going to collapse until I was almost home when some weird second wind hit even though I'd never had a first one. so I went and got more water and then came home and I've been piddling around taking quizzes and stuff ever since although what I should be doing is downloading big files and streaming large multimedia files and whatnot but later for that.

the goal tonight is to get to bed before I fall asleep. in order to facilitate this, I am now going to stop writing.

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