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repetition compulsion

i seem to believe that a proliferation of copies of all my academic musings will somehow translate into sufficient verbiage to vindicate me in my exams: of my lists, my bibliographies and my fragmentary interjections i have copies on my hard drive, on a zip disk, on a floppy and on my idisk at

ok i can see keeping a copy locally (hard drive) and remotely (, but there is no reason at all to have them also duplicated on a floppy which i store a full two inches from my hard drive (yes always halfway in the slot when not all the way in) and a zip disk which i store a full three feet from the floppy. this would make more rational sense if i carried the floppy or the zip around with me but i don't. if the hard drive goes up in flames so will they.

and yet it comforts me somehow to make all these copies. as if the sheer number of them will make up for any lapses of thought contained therein.

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