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I think.. I think.. I think I might actually make it out tonight. it's a real close one, seeing patti smith or staying home playing with type and images in photoshop, but I am meeting b for dinner in an hour and we are going together to the show so I am somewhat obligated although she would completely understand if I bailed.

I'm not going to bail though. I'm going to put on some fancy clothes and go to the show!

this may be the last one. ever? never say never. but it could be. oh why can't I just invite richard and patti over for coffee?

this is hereby what I aspire to become famous enough to be able to do. I don't have to be rich. coffee's cheap. but of course I would serve the finest coffee and even clean the coffee maker.

and sweep the floor.

and serve little cakes.

patti? richard? you up for it?

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