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reblog: Homeland Security Presidential Directive-12

this is the second-to-latest entry in my blog which I will put here too. one day I'll figure out how to get it to an RSS feed that LJ can carry. it couldn't be that hard.


Even if you don't work at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratories at CalTech, you might want to concern yourself with HSPD-12, not only because of the occasional mention of adopting these procedures for federal employees more generally. This is how committees on unamerican activities get started, and you will note that the use of illicit drugs and the practice of anal sex--but not necessarily both at once--are grounds for termination if HSPD-12 goes into effect.

you can bet that if it goes into effect at JPL it will spread like the fascist cancer that has already gotten a frighteningly strong grip on the American vital organs.

read up. keep your eyes and ears open. write your congresspeople with your opinion of this sort of employment screening ever becoming instituted anywhere.

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