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turn off the news if it makes you upset

I think I have to stop reading dark_christian, which I joined a couple of weeks ago hoping to find some good news, or good rebuttals I guess, about the incipient power grab being planned by fundamentalist america, but all that gets posted are reports of this or that insane thing they are doing now and I feel like I'm back in the deep south where you have this crap flung in your face 24 hours a day. granted it's coming from a source sympathetic to my point of view, but it's not very, I don't know, optimistic or helpful in finding ways to counteract the movement.

I do think it is very important for people less well-acquainted with fundamentalism to keep an eye on what they and the dominionists, kind of a subgroup of fundies, are really up to so that they can understand just what it is these people want america to be and why we cannot continue to sit apathetically thinking that the constitution will protect us from them, because they will dismantle the constitution every chance they get and the neocons are more than happy to help them. so if you feel you aren't threatened by fundamentalism, I'd encourage you to read it.

anyway I think it is contributing to my overall anxiety and pessimism so, like the tv news, I'm dropping it from my daily routine. I thought I wanted to be well-informed, but I'm going to have to think of some other angle than strictly political to slant my blog in because the political scene in this country makes me angry, sad, anxious and depressed, none of which I really need to experience to any greater extent than I naturally do.

maybe I should start a community for recovering fundamentalists in which we could all understand why being bombarded with bad news about them Does Not Help. there doesn't seem to be any community like that at the moment. I'd have to give some thought about how to structure it and whether I could handle having to police out any proselytes.

I wonder if anyone would join. since lj is no longer the 'in' spot on the web, is its median user age going up do you suppose? just because 14 year olds often are still caught in it and not yet recovering from it.

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