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eight days. i get my writtens in eight days.

should i take this week off? to synthesize and relax and focus? or should i keep reading since there are still sizeable gaps in my lists? i mean how much more can i squeeze into one week?

well i should look over some poets for the american list.
i should reread some beckett and bataille for the french list.
i should finish the deleuze and derrida for the theory list.
and i should go over my notes on freud and lacan because they were so long ago i've quite forgotten what they said.

i mean i think i have enough to say without doing all this but my fear is that somewhere in the questions i get will be a requirement to discuss someone i haven't actually read or whom i last looked at seven or eight years ago.

in the meantime i am so jumpy i don't know if i will even be able to read at all.

i am not ready i am not ready i am not ready.

i guess i'm ready.

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