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how old I wuz (when was the first time you stayed up all night for no apparent reason)


1. Fell in love
I didn't know it but I started falling in love with my best friends by age 14. I did that multiple times until I fell recognizably in love at 21.

2. Got a Myspace account
time runs together. 43?

3. Got drunk
16: Schlitz Malt Liquor. 32 ounces and I was, well, pretty much delirious.

4. Smoked weed
17: I was so drunk I couldn't tell if I got high or not. later that week I bought my first ounce (back in the day when pot looked like loose oregano and came $20/oz. loooooong time ago). I began to feel a little stoned by the time I'd smoked my way through the whole baggie. weird stuff that way.

5. Got french kissed
17 or 18 I think. it was most likely one of those random boys I dated my first year in college. I had no idea why I was doing it or why anyone else thought it was so swell.

6. Went to the hospital for surgery
chest surgery was something like 7 years ago I guess. making me 38ish at the time.

7. Got your heart broken badly
well we could play therapy time but I haven't actually located the precise moment that my mother broke my heart. I just know she did. otherwise, the next time would have been I think 22 though I didn't quite realize it at the time. didn't happen again until I was 35 and I knew right away.

8. Lost a pet
because Smudge lived till I was 26--we got her when I was 5--and had moved across the country from where she was, I didn't personally experience the loss of a pet until Machiavelli died in 1995.

9. Got arrested
I haven't been arrested yet. had some close calls.

10. Smoked a cigarette
18: I was in art school and everyone smoked and I decided one had to smoke to be an artist. I bought a pack, smoked several, and woke up with my least favorite symptoms in the world: headache and nausea. threw the cigs away. pot was much better.

11. Broken a bone
oh lord. I need lisagail to help me figure this one out. 23? my thumb. slammed it in a truck door where it was stuck for several seconds because I had locked the door and the driver had to run around and unlock it from the inside. ow ow ow ow ow ow ow.

12. Went to a concert
my dad took me and a friend to see John Denver when I was 15 maybe?

13. Got your own cell phone
coupla years ago. 43?

14. Got a speeding ticket
almost immediately. 16.

15. Run away
I really wanted to run away when I was 16. (un)fortunately, I knew that a girl had not much of a chance of making out well in the city. I mean I knew I'd have to go down to Atlanta but I had not a clue where to go from there. for awhile I was pricing knives because I knew I'd need a weapon. should have gotten a dog but this was before runaways with dogs became an everyday urban fixture.

16. Snuck out of the house
I never had to sneak out of the house. I snuck back in to the house many times between 18 and 21. mom didn't want me out past midnight but I paid little attention to that rule.

17. Pierced other than your ears
not yet. thinking about it.

18. Got a tattoo
not yet. been thinking about it for like eleven years now.

19. Bought porn
honestly I don't think I bought porn until I paid for some internet porn around 37, 38. after the libido started to return.

22. Totaled a car
I'm pretty sure the squareback was totaled when I was, uh, 18.

23. Moved out of your parents' house
21: should have left earlier but had no means of support.

25. How old are you now?
almost 46.

26. Had a kid
won't be doing that.

27. Got married
yeah won't be doing that either.

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